The More Things Change

  • Dmitri Medvedev, the next Russian president, was not in the KGB, has never been elected to public office, and will hopefully not be quite as much of a hardass as his predecessor, Vladimir Putin. [New York Times]
  • Various high-level Clinton advisors reiterate that Hillary will need to win Ohio and Texas to stay viable. [Washington Post]
  • John McCain and Barack Obama respectfully disagree about pretty much everything, but particularly about the war in Iraq. [Washington Post]
  • "The most technologically advanced border security initiative in American history" has run into, uh, technical problems, so the "virtual fence" project is getting delayed. [Washington Post]
  • If Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee, and if his race ends up magically guaranteeing a substantitve, non-racist debate between him and John McCain on the issues, then that will be nice, but boring. [LA Times]
  • Republicans want their taxes cut, Democrats do not, and as we head into another recession, chances are Republicans will prevail. [Politico]
  • Michael Bloomberg breaks our hearts again by reminding us that he is still not running for President. [New York Times]

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