The Morning After, In Which We See The Winners And Losers By The Light Of Day


  • Yesterday happened! Recall its winners: Bloomberg, Owens, Christie, various Others. [New York Times]
  • It was also yesterday in Virgina too, where Bob McDonnell defeated Creigh Deeds and is therefore the state's new governor. [Washington Post]
  • The state of Maine poured rock salt on gay marriage and voted to up the medical marijuana usage. [WSJ]
  • Today is the 30th anniversary of the US Embassy takeover/hostage thing in Tehran, but if today's mass demonstrations showed anything, it's that people don't even need any hostages to yell about hating America. [CNN]
  • Bernanke and Friends are likely to decline raising the interest rate. [AP]
  • An Afghan soldier literally went rogue and just cold killed five British soldiers with a machine gun inside a police checkpoint. No cheeky Nation polemic is expected to follow. [Times Online]

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