The Morning After The Morning After, Part 1: Joe Gets Self-Actualized


Day two of Joe Lieberman not being the Democratic nominee and he is feeling GREAT.

Most Democrats said they would not pressure Mr. Lieberman to step aside for now, saying he was too angered by his loss to accept such counseling.

Angry? Angry? Not Joe!

Mr. Lieberman dismissed the significance of the supportive words from the vice president, as well as criticism of his party based on his loss. "That's not my fault," he said. "They are not criticizing me for running an independent campaign, they are criticizing Democratic voters for the way they voted."

Um, OK, maybe a little angry. But the official emotional story coming out of the campaign is different

Advisers described Mr. Lieberman as feeling liberated Wednesday and telling one of them it was the first morning he had woken up without a nervous ache in his stomach.


"I feel very good about what I decided to do," Mr. Lieberman said, adding that the general election would allow him to "be exactly what I am, which is an independent Democrat."

That's right, Connecticut: your so called "votes" and "party nomination" are no match for Joe Lieberman's profound sense of psychological wholeness and emotional centeredness. No one in his mellow state can be defeated.

Hopefully then he won't be too pissed off by the "Race Profile" the New York Times is running in all of its Connecticut Senate race stories:


Unaffiliated! He's affiliated with the people of Connecticut, you crum-bums!

Feeling 'Very Good' About Giving Himself Another Chance [NYT]

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