The Most Annoying Party Promoter in DC

Another night at Blue Gin - WonketteConsidering that party promotion is already one of the most annoying professions in the world, it takes more than a little something extra to get noticed. It takes levels of un-self-conscious douchery that most people can't even dream of. Back in June a friend forwarded me an email from a a dude she'd never heard of before inviting her to party that sounded like the worst thing either of us had ever heard of.

Kick off the 1st Official Night of Summer 2007! Mojito's & Ketel One Citroen Specials all night! Music by DJ Alex Funk playing 80's + Current Hits. No Cover Charge - Resort Attire = Seersucker, Topsiders, Pearls, Madras, Popped Collars, Red Pants and Sundresses.

It was from a go-getting promoter named Jamie Hess, who seemed to have made up his exclusive list of invitess by randomly selecting LNS profiles. The party was at Blue Gin, whose presence on this list is really all you need to know.

And that was it. Until another friend began forwarding us the worst of the worst of his invites. Highlights from which I shall share with now (minus, for your sake, the bizarre font choices and alternately colored and HUGE text):

The first plays on that universally acknowledged truth that all women everywhere want to marry rich male doctors and all men everywhere want to fuck hot lady nurses.

Ladies want to meet a hot young doctor? Guys want to meet the hottest nurses in the area? Come by tonight to Blue Gin for the Scrubs Party! It is hosted by and for the younger DC Medical Community but everyone is welcome to come the entire night.

And what better way to promote a new party than by negatively comparing the venue to Vegas?

And Saturday Night I'm doing a new party at Lotus Lounge. If you have never been now is your chance to check it out. If you have been you know it's the closest thing in DC to an L.A./Vegas/Miami Nightclub. If you are on my list it is Free until Midnight.

This one, from September 13, is just sad.

Curious to see what the hottest Thursday Party in Georgetown looks like?

Check out here the Video!

Also there was a party where the first 200 attendees were promised free hats. Everyone likes hats!

Finally, let's let our tipster have the last word:



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