The Most Boring Gossip Item of the Summer: A Wonkette Contest

As we sift through the D.C.-centric and political blogs, we notice a trend: We notice that we can barely stay awake. The best item we've read in weeks is about the Bush girls' eyebrow waxer's gay marriage, which at least involves ass-fucking. But in general, we've got Olympic athletes and Amber Frey. Could gossip get more boringer? It would have to involve non-sexy old people involved in a trivial spat over something you've never heard of. Oh, wait:

Only on TVNewser: Brian Wilson, host of Sunday's 'Weekend Live' on FNC, is pretty peeved with CNN's Wolf Blitzer," sources say. Apparently it revolves around Blitzer's continuing habit of holding on to guests who are scheduled to make subsequent appearances on Wilson's program. Last Sunday, Blitzer kept questioning Fla. lieutenant governor Toni Jennings during the time slot promised to Fox News. "The feeling at Fox is that CNN likes to employ such delaying tactics with guests in an attempt to keep the Fox show off-balance," one source says. (Weekend Live usually beats Late Edition in the ratings.) Is Wilson thinking about meeting Blitzer in the CNN parking lot for a 2:05pm face-to-face chat about professional courtesy?...
It's enough to make you want to engineer a sexblog Senate staffer prostitution scandal or something.

CNN's Dirty Tricks? Wilson Peeved At Blitzer [TVNewser]


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