nh4.jpgOK, no more "promises" about when stuff appears. Let's just say Ron Paul is a flirt and Tom Tancredo thinks Liz needs to learn a thing or two about what "racism" means. We're in the lobby of the Manchester Radisson now, somehow on the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe, with the Dennis Kucinich campaign team (very nice people!) on one side and Chris "Rangoon" Matthews (avoid! avoid!) on the other. As it turns out this is the only way to get Internets in the state of New Hamsters.

Some things about the national press corps, those humorless and mostly unnoticed photographers and wire reporters with whom we spent last evening at St. Anslem's Academical Land of Hopscotch and Tummysticks:

* Listening to Joe Trippi in the SPIN ROOM wasn't nearly as bad as hearing the c-list reporters surrounding him say such self-important crap as "oh Jesus, usual TRIPPI, just like he was at this morning's moosefuck on the Seacoast."

* When not reporting about politics, they have casual conversation with each other about politics. What is this, Ancient Greece?

* They still care what Mark Penn thinks.

* David Brooks is WAY shorter than his New York Times headshot suggests. Haha! If he's so "smart," why can't he learn to grow a few inches?

* Who's that jowly guy always on the Capitol Gang or Inside Washington or one of those shows? No, not the cripple neocon guy, everyone knows him! Anyway, that jowly guy is here.


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