The Muslims: And They Roast Christian Babies On Spits and Eat Them, Too

ann coulter.jpgDo we make too much fun of right-wing pundit Ann Coulter in these pages?

Well, here at Wonkette we pride ourselves on being "fair and balanced." Sometimes we make fun of conservatives; sometimes we make fun of liberals. Sometimes we mock Ann Coulter; sometimes we reprint reader email praising her to the heavens:

I read with considerable interest (Feb 15th) an article by Ann Coulter, whom I have never come across before... She's saying exactly, precisely, what the semi-literate masses (of which I consider myself one of) have been thinking, dared to think, for the last half century: that they, the Muslims, have succeeded in invading the West by stealth, the West too interested in cheap labour and watching Coronation street to realize that the armies of the night have been and still are, marching endlessly, silently, surreptitiously, relentlessly, to their ultimate goal of total absorption and control of the West.

This is a fact which only in the light of the recent Danish disturbances have the Governments of the West lifted their snouts out of the troughs of corruption and had to face the reality of Islam, which is now firmly established in every street in Europe. These "pleasant, unassuming, individuals," simply waiting for the signal to rise up and fall mercilessly upon all peoples, cultures, that do not abide by the Koran.

More disturbing yet fascinating rantings, after the jump.

Our correspondent continues:

The signal will not be the opening bars of Beethoven

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