The Mysterious Vanishing Abramoff Photos

On Tuesday, we posted a photograph of Jack Abramoff with President Bush, along with a link to the Washingtonian, which had more photos of the two, as well as emails from Abramoff. Shortly after we posted, however, the links to the Washingtonian became nonfunctional (as we noted in an update to our post).

Now we have the backstory on the disappearance of the Abramoff photos from the Washingtonian's website. A Washingtonian editor's note explains:

A version of this story was posted briefly on Monday of this week. Within an hour, Jack Abramoff contacted the author, Washingtonian national editor Kim Eisler, and asked that the report be deleted from the Web site because public disclosure of his communications would damage his status as a witness and undermine his plea agreement with federal prosecutors... The link was taken down while Mr. Abramoff

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