The Natives Are Restless

  • Democratic staffers on the Hill find the Obama campaign "insufferable." [Politico]
  • Barack Obama pulls down his trousers and pisses all over the Congressional Black Caucus. [The Hill]
  • Maybe in the fall voters will pick Democrats because they think they're better at running the economy, and also Democrats are not to blame for the current horrible mess, and also it is hard for Republicans to keep railing against an interventionist government when they're constantly bailing out the latest Wall Street disaster. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Hey, mileage-based auto insurance! That sounds suspiciously sensible (and awesome for deadbeat work-from-home bloggers). [Los Angeles Times]
  • Everybody hates the war in Iraq, and yet Americans are divided about whose policy is best: Obama's or McCain's. [Washington Post]
  • Bush administration officials put in another long weekend (something they hadn't done since, uh, MARCH, when they bailed out Bear Stearns) figuring out how to save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. [New York Times]

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