The Naval Academy Wants Diverse Sailors, But No Gays Please


  • Afghanistan...What to do in Afghanistan? Uh, let's just go with the same strategy the Russians used, and then add a few sprinkles of Donald Rumsfeld for pizazz. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Marco Rubio is such a delicious stud muffin. [TPM]

  • Barack Obama really isn't into that "saving" thing. It's not his style. Barack Obama will not save your job. He doesn't even save his doodles on MS Paint. [Gateway Pundit]

  • Sorry ladies, but E.J. Dionne will not let you commit murder. No ma'am, Not on his watch! [Think Progress]

  • Michelle Malkin is accepted to the Naval Academy! Congratulations, Michelle! [Michelle Malkin]


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