The New Bush Attack Ads

There's a new wave of BC04 attack ads based on the New York Times Magazine article about Kerry's foreign policy, which contained this controversial quote:

''You know, when your buildings are bombed and 3,000 people get killed, and airplanes are hijacked, and a nation is terrorized the way we were, and people continue to plot to do you injury, that's an act of war, and it's serious business."
We've obtained the script:
Voice Over: First, Kerry said he wanted to protect America. . .

Now John Kerry says he wants "buildings. . . bombed," the "nation. . . terrorized" and he will "continue to plot to do you injury." John Kerry says terrorism is his "business."

Terrorism… a business?

How can Kerry protect the country when he wants to kill us all?

President Bush: 

I’m George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Kerry's Undeclared War [NYT]



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