The New Press Secretary Tony Snow News Conference

snowbush.jpgBush: "Tony already knows most of you, and he's agreed to take the job anyway." Hey! Someone finally got around to reading that 50 Tricks to Great Public Speaking book he's had sitting around for 6 years.

"My job is to make decisions, and his job is to help explain those decisions" -- let's hope we can see an inexplicable Times piece extending that stupid simplification to those crazy modern relationships we have these days.

Bush now just reading Snow's resume... and he pronounces Gannett the same way he might pronounce a terrorist cell (G'neh?). Though how different are they to him, really?

Bush asked him about all those times Snow called him a "impotent"or "embarrassing" or "fuckface" and Tony dipped into the same book for the ol' "You shoulda seen what I said about the other guy" gag.


(Called "Beats Working")

Oh shit. WHEN AND WHERE ARE THEY PLAYING, PEOPLE? Wait, is Tony in a "rock band" or does he belong to one? WHAT DOES TONY PLAY? WE NEED ANSWERS, MR. PRESIDENT.

Oh man. Final good bye to Scotty, who's suddenly looking like the nicest and most open champion of the Press ever next to the slick, coiffed, and trained motherfucker who sidles up to the mic and manages to fit more smooth bullshit into his 15 second greeting than McClellan could manage in a whole briefing.

Why were we excited about this again?

Snow Takes White House Job [CNN]


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