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Yeesh, it's Richard Leiby's very first day and all ready the knives are out. But that's good. It'll toughen him up. Or teach him to dodge. Or force him to lose a lot of arterial blood. Something. Us? We enjoyed the debut, as far as it went. But, you know, park police fucking up on the job? Spending a thousand words on that is the kind of thing that makes our boss sputter incoherently (though in a charming British accent. We don't know how he does it.). The best part of the column is the self-indulgent part, which -- if gossip writers were honest -- would be the main feature of every column in the biz:

At another soiree, hosted by writer Christopher Hitchens, I waded into a well-lubricated cabal of journos, Bushies and neo-cons.

We knew about Hitch, and always suspected that the Bushies were into that kind of thing. I just hope you're being, you know, careful.

Park Police Bomb Their Terrorism Test [WashPost]


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