The New Republic: Why Can't All These Journokids Be More Like That Nice Luke Russert?


The New Republic just can't understand why you all gotta hate on Luke Russert like that. Such a very nice young man!

Luke-hating is a bit of a Washington bloodsport. A young congressional staffer, upon hearing that I was writing a story about Luke, gleefully began forwarding me a series of emails from her coworkers poking fun at Russert’s most bro-ish tweets. (“God speed Lilly Pulitzer. How many relationships started bc a guy noticed a Lilly dress? Guessing thousands!,” he tweeted upon the occasion of the preppy icon’s death.) A thirty-something Capitol Hill reporter cloaked his distaste in the guise of concern for wasted potential. “Luke is quickly mastering the art of purveying conventional wisdom, and it's a shame.” Fellow reporters related the meanest anecdotes they could think of—“but not for attribution, OK?”

Kindly attribute the following to Your Wonket:

Only $16.99, plus one million dollars shipping and handling.

Oh, and TNR: Everyone hates him because he is A Idiot.

Asked, and answered, the end.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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