The No Tolerance for No Tolerance Poll, Part One

We admit it: The District's insanely strict drinking and driving regs (ooh! ooh! who will call them "Orwellian" first?) really hit us where we live. And drive. And take cabs probably about twice as much as we used to. We wondered if anyone else was feeling the pain of feeling no pain, and queried a not-at-all random group of Wonkette operatives and correspondents on the following questions:

1. Are booze essential to getting through a typical DC party?

2. How *much*booze are essential to getting through a typical DC

party? (please be as specific as possible)

3. Ok, now how do you get home?

Our most compelling response so far?
"No comment. I'd rather put all those painful memories behind me."
Selections from first batch of answers after the jump.

NOTE: Our friends appear to be raging lushes. Your mileage may vary.

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1. Booze essential. Pills optional.

2. Far, far more than this one-glass, zero tolerance nonsense. So much, in fact, that it makes this assinine DC law moot.

3. I live in the 'hood, so I stumble or taxi. Sold car in 2002 because I'm too weak to make such difficult moral decisions such as whether I can or can't drink and drive.

1. Yes, except if you are pregnant, yet then you can sneak one glass if can endure the glares of others who think you are poisoning your unborn child.

2. Just enough to numb the pain of 10 hours in 3 inch heels.

3. Taxi or force your husband to run the gauntlet...

1. Booze is the typical DC part. But yes.

2. At a cocktail party/social function/magazine thing -5-6 vodka sodas.... sometimes 7. sometimes 8. Real Party? Until I am talking to Angelina Jolie. (Or the girl I am talking with appears to be Angelina Jolie.)

3. 70% Cab, 30% drive

1. Hell yeah. Otherwise all you get are those stupid COSTCO need something to wash them down with.

2. An apple martini when you walk through the door, followed by at least two or three hard drinks, then wine with dinner and a cordial to cap off the night

3. Drink a lot of starbucks and avoid DC police. (and yeah, make sure your headlights are on)!

1. Of course. Booze is the only way to make bearable discussions about enterprise zones (at GOP soirees), the latest Howard Dean embarrassment (at Democratic ones), or John Kerry's wang (at Wonkette ones).   :)

2. Either two martinis, three glasses of wine, or four beers.

3. Walk, Metro, or cab. If I have more than what I described in #2, I might cartwheel or moonwalk my way home.


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