The Note: Getting Its Incoherent Groove Back

After yesterday's controversial brush with gnomic attempted humor, The Note regains its footing, just as though nothing had ever happened. Here's how it begins:

Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) is sort of like Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana), only with courage. (That's a joke intended largely for the two Congressman and their press secretaries.)

See, they are already explaining that they regard something as funny that isn't, and that the whole exercise really has nothing to do with you, the reader, anyway. That's what makes their pious lectures about how the Gang of 500 have everything wrong so hilarious; they're writing for a Gang of Two.

We're also happy to report that their woozy flirtation with direct declarative sentences is at an end. When they were channeling Jimmy Carter you could sort of figure out the points being made. Now, in dissecting a Jeff Flake op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the Halperinites have put all the marbles back in their mouths and resumed the quadruple-negative pirouetting, dadaesque metaphors and clusterfuck nonsensical hyphen compounds that really establish you with a single-digit readership:

Flake writes, with an antiseptic non-fervor that nonetheless reveals the dirty little non-secret that explains why the Republicans Party is not panicking in the face of hurricanes-gas prices-Iraq: ". . . [E]ndemic Democratic ineptitude makes Republicans more attractive when graded on a curve."

It ain't a new point, we concede, but it nicely delineates the environment into which the President is about to launch a new Supreme Court nominee through the eye of the Democrat-media-Collins-Dobson needle.

Simply put: Nothing the Democratic Party is doing is putting fear into the hearts of the Republican Party.

"Simply put." Heh. Now that's hilarious.


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