The Note News (Don't Even Get Me Started On Using "Impact" as a Verb)

With today's issue ABC's The Note, never a retiring media personality, has reached a whole new level of not-quite-ironic self-importance. The occasion for this massive expiration of collective ego? It seems that the geniuses at The Note have discovered an exciting new technology that allows them to produce a continuously updated digest of political news.

Egads! Where are my socks? I think they must have been blown off by the mind-bending implications of the incredible advance!

Sure, you're thinking "that sounds a lot like one of those 'web blogs' I've heard so much about lately." But Noted Now will be different. So very different.

    [G]iven that elsewhere the focus is often entertainment news or earthquakes (geological ones, not geopolitical ones), we bet that a lot of you in this presidential year would like a one-stop shopping place to go to get all the information on the election.

That's right: Noted Now will dispense with the earthquake coverage. Take that, Drudge!

We're so excited we may not be able to make it through the rest of today's 5,900 word news summary.

The Note is now officially the Dave Eggers of political newsletters: Long-winded, cutesy, self-refential, and mysteriously immune from criticism. Oh, and no one actually finishes reading their stuff.



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