The Note: Not Like Other Guys

Today's The Note runs a lengthy explanation of yesterday's "satirical report" -- make that "SATIRICAL report." There is, of course, no better way to make a joke funnier than to painstakingly deconstruct it. What we especially liked was the way they very subtly mocked the idea of a "liberal media elite" by reciting every bias myth canard Brent Bozell has ever sputtered into a Fox News microphone. You know: "The press, by and large, does not accept President Bush's justifications for the Iraq war. . . It does not accept the proposition that the Bush tax cuts helped the economy by stimulating summer spending. . . It remains fixated on the unemployment rate." Hilarious!

Unless they were serious -- it's so hard to tell with The Note. Maybe they're really giving journos some tough love by admonishing them for claiming "more conservative positions are 'conservative positions.'" See, more conservative positions should really be called "long-established principles and what every true American believes."

This is a brave stand to take at a time when Republicans control only three out of three branches of government, and The Note, of course, is not like other political reporters.

You know what The Note reminds us of? It's like a personal ad from a guy who says how every other typical American male is interested in your looks, but he's not. He cares about your personality, your sense of humor, your intelligence. . . But please send a picture. No fatties.

War President Media, Darling (Part Deux) [ABC]


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