The Note: Too Hot for Political Journalism

At one point, we considered starting a Wonkette feature that would simply reprint the last 400 words or so of ABC's The Note. . . because, you know, who makes it through all 5,000+ words everyday, anyway? It's not plagiarism if nobody read it in the first place. In any case, the plan was abandoned. Now we're considering a feature that would post whatever it is that got cut from that day's Note because someone out there didn't get the joke. Today's email delivery of The Notes comes with this "clarification":

    An early version of today's Note included what was intended as a satirical report of an ABC News/Washington Post poll. No such poll was conducted. The questions and results listed were not from a real poll.

Why try so hard to please the editors of Salon, Halperin? They make less than you. We also doubt that the "satirical report" was that funny to begin with (hence the confusion, perhaps), but we didn't see it. Those who did, please weigh in.

War President [The Note/ABC]

The Note's Kindest Cut [Wonkette]


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