The Note's "Satirical Report": At Last the Truth Can Be Told

Wonkette operative C.K. sends us the poll purloined from today's The Note -- pulled, they say, because readers did not realize it was, in fact, a "satirical report."

    1. President Bush says the tax cuts he has signed into law have helped the economy and will lead to the creation of more jobs. He also suggests that more tax cuts might be a good idea.

    Agree: 4%

    Disagree: 94%

    No opinion/DK 2%

    2. On Sunday, President Bush said the war to remove Saddam Hussein was a "war of necessity," not a "war of choice."

    Agree: 3%

    Disagree: 97%

    No opinion/DK 0%


    This latest ABC News/Washington Post poll surveyed 400 leading political and Washington journalists. The margin of errors is +/- .5%. It was conducted 2/7-2/8

You can see how someone would take this poll seriously. Here's the joke: Journalists are big liberals! It's funny because it's true!

The Note: Too Hot for Political Journalism [Wonkette]


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