The Obama Administration Is Not A Registered Sex Offender, And That Makes RedState Very Frustrated


  • Matthew Yglesias writes in earnest about McDonald's policy. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The Obama Administration loves to have sex with minors. RedState knows this is true, because Whoopee Goldberg said something on teevee and also isn't it obvious? Q.E.D., Amen. [RedState]

  • Delicious Mustache Ride John Bolton admits that some people are normal and straight like him, and other people are weird and kinda gay, and if they don't feel bad about not being normal and straight, that's okay, he guesses. [Think Progress]

  • Andrew Sullivan will protect your children from the Obama Administration. Bless him. [The Daily Dish]

  • Barack Obama guest stars in a new (?) comic book, with a big-boobed anime jet rocket robot stripper lady villain. [Weekly Standard]


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