The Old Man and the SEC


  • Washington Mutual failed, and the Wall Street bailout failed. But McCain flew to Washington! [Politico/WSJ]

  • Everybody will try again this morning -- "everybody," meaning, "no Congressional Republicans." [Wall Street Journal]
  • But McCain does have some oft-forgotten experience with Washington and failed financial institutions. [LA Times]
  • Wow, so Sarah Palin needed notes for that embarrassing CBS interview? [New Republic/Gawker]
  • McCain conveniently skipped another debate when he was losing -- against George W. Bush, during the 2000 primary. [SFGate]
  • Governor Palin will send some of that dirty crook money she took to some charity. [Associated Press]
  • At least the Federal Government has announced a bailout deal for the six-toed cats who roam the grounds of Ernest Hemingway's old house in Key West. Now that's ch-change we can believe in. [CNN]

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