The One Meat You Should Never Feed Your Dog (It Is Human Meat). Tabs, Mon., Jan. 13, 2020

The One Meat You Should Never Feed Your Dog (It Is Human Meat). Tabs, Mon., Jan. 13, 2020

Come in, come in, it is time to clear out our tabs.

Defense Secretary Esper has no story and he's not sticking to it -- WaPo

WaPo: An enslaved man was crucial to the Lewis and Clark expedition's success. Clark refused to free him afterward. :/

An enjoyable read from The Root: Jason Jones's Johnson's (sorry) committee of black senior citizens weighing in on the Democratic primary.

"Washington's ferry system is the largest consumer of diesel fuel in the state, with ferries using more than 18 million gallons of diesel every year. It's also the largest generator of greenhouse gas emissions in state transportation. While ferries only account for 6 percent of working boats in the Puget Sound, they generate 60 percent of the diesel pollution particles and 50 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from these vessels — creating 220,000 metric tons of emissions every year." Washington state is electrifying its ferries, currently running on diesel. Thank you Daddy I mean Gov. Jay Inslee.

Trump Declares DC A Sanctuary City, At Least When It Comes To His Own Sexual Assault Defamation Suit. New York state has no jurisdiction over Trump because he is domiciled at the White House, say Trump's very good lawyers. Our Liz has thoughts.

An absolutely delightful Twitter thread where the Kent State gun girl, bless her heart, gets owned over and over again. "Whine whine whine, don't you agree trans men are WEIRD and BATHROOMS and CETERA?" she keeps asking dudes she thinks will be all like "UGH. MAN. DO NOT MENSTRUATE. BEEEEEER. And twins!" And all in a row they are like "Is it really that hard to mind your business?"

California's creating a state Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Gavin Newsom on a roll! (LA Times)

Fascinating Daily Beast look at Iran's cultural sites, which Trump would have bombed by now if even his own people hadn't cleared their throats and coughed "WAR CRIME." Guess what, it is lots of places from "Bible."

Oh hey, did you know Elizabeth Warren's first law journal paper, back in the '70s, was on the correct side of busing even though she was a Republican then? I didn't! A CNN tab from last year.

"Friends in their 70s and 80s, who would not want to be called old men, have been out for days or nights for three months with the tankers. I have seen a man, dying in great pain, still struggle towards the flames to give his wisdom on where the fire might go; I have seen wombats share their holes with snakes, quolls, possums and a nervous swamp wallaby; a fridge on the highway kept constantly stocked with cold drinks for those defending us; six firies leaning against the hospital wall, too exhausted to stagger inside for first aid. The next day they went out again." Jackie French on fighting the Australian bushfires.

Here is a wombat. They eat grasses, not snakes, quolls, possums and nervous wallabies. I looked it up.

The koala hospital in Adelaide. (Sorry, Daily Mail)

New York Times on how to get socially conscious funds into your retirement plan. If I had a retirement plan, I would do that! (My neighbor's friend's daughter runs an environment-focused 401k (?) thingie, and when I called about investing in it, I was told that investing several thousand dollars a year would not enable them to "dedicate the time to [me] that [I] deserve." Sigh LOL SUCK IT RETIREMENT FUNDS.)

And the NYT on how textbooks are shaped for Texas and California. Does it both sides it? I don't know! The tab is still open, PERHAPS FOREVER.

Wait, one of those promoted clickbait stories that ISN'T a slideshow where each word of text requires another click, but all these terrible real estate photos are on ONE PAGE???? I love you, this post.

Helaine Olen in WaPo on Gen X women being sandwiched between their elderly parents and their tiny children, I don't know WHAT she is TALKING ABOUT!

Hey Becca, what is for dinner? It is honey-lime chicken thighs, that is what! (I added lime zest and some chicken broth and rubber cement, I don't know why it came out weird, just kidding.)

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