• For years, McCain has been serving as imperial warrior-king of Colombia. He is tasked with pleasuring the leader of "Chiquita" (a leftist banana terror group) and ruling FARC, which is "Acorn" in Spanish. [Hendrik Hertzberg]
  • Palin says that she would tell people to stop calling Obama a terrorist if she ever heard people call him a terrorist, and, of course, if he weren't actually a terrorist. Which he is.  [The Caucus]
  • Crypto-Republican liar Judith Miller, the journalist-rogue who would not play by the rules, has been adopted by Fox News! [Gawker]
  • John Kerry used a "homonym"—Massachusetts-speak for a gay pun—to say this horrifying and graphic thing about the preferred environs of his and John McCain's genitalia. [Ben Smith]
  • Conservative think-tank Facebook has hired Alberto Gonzales' former chief of staff, which explains why its RSS feed, an insidious socialist information dissemination method, is mysteriously partially broken. [AMERICAblog]

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