The Only Good News Is About That Pilot Guy

  • Well, that's the last time we write something vaguely sympathetic about America's favorite Labor Secretary nominee! Hilda Solis committed the awful sin of being married to a guy who owed business taxes, which makes her completely immoral. [Washington Post]
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg's illness kicked off the usual ghoulish speculation about which Supreme Court Justice will be the first to, er, "retire" in the Obama presidency. [AP]
  • Even its precious liberal Prius wasn't enough to save Toyota from reporting its first annual net loss in half a century. [Dow Jones]
  • More bad news on the economy, US shedding half a million jobs a month, no sign of a bottom, etc. [New York Times]
  • US Airways released the audio of brave pilot hero Chesley Sullenberger saying, "We're going in the Hudson." [MSNBC]
  • A day after news reports saying Paul Volcker was getting antsy about Obama putting together his economic advisory board, Obama announces he has put together his economic advisory board. [AP]

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