The Only Thing Flying Around The Pentagon This Year Is Bullshit

* Happy 9/11 day, everybody. And because we're looking at some possible changes to longstanding policy, this year's 9/11 is a way bigger deal than last year's! [NYT]

* Someone over at the New York Times just loooves a man in uniform. [NYT]

* Iraqis were genuinely moved by the sincerity and accuracy of the Petraeus report. Ha ha no, just kidding. That would be crazy. [WT]

* Justice Dept. officials are trying to prove they are above political influence by refusing to turn over documents related to the prosecution and conviction of a Democratic former governor of Alabama by refusing to turn over any documents related to the case. They sound perfectly innocent to us! [NYT]

* Hillary is giving back $850,000 given to her by that asian fugitive criminal guy, which should halt criticism of her til she's president and can give him the pardon he surely deserves. [WP]

* It's hard to be against the war without saying bad things about the people in charge. [Politico]

* Democrats throw some cash at the country's bridges, which, since they're all falling down and shit, seems like a pretty good idea. [The Hill]

* Folks on the Hill would be pretty screwed in the event of 9/11-type situation, which means natural selection might just be allowed to run its course among a group of people who someone how manage to resist the strongest force in nature. [Roll Call]


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