The Only Votes That Really Count

If you're a Democrat who's still depressed, drunk and unemployed because of the election, you probably don't want to bother reading the news today. President Bush's second term will take one more step toward becoming reality as the Electoral College votes. The first step, of course, was that whole voting thing back in November; the last step is when the new Republican Congress makes failure to remove those KE '04 bumper stickers by Inauguration Day a crime punishable by death.

But some die-hards still hold out faint hope that somehow, things might turn out differently. Slate's Tim Noah is rooting for 18 Bush electors to switch to Kerry -- which would be sort of like straight people suddenly deciding to become gay. And in Ohio, groups like We Do Not Concede plan to protest outside the state capitol.

All this blue-state ire is cute, but really, we think Dems should just look on the bright side and be glad Bush operatives didn't take a page from Ukraine and poison Kerry during the campaign. Although actually, maybe that would have helped?

Faithless Elector Watch [Slate]

Protests expected as Electoral College votes in Ohio [CNN]


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