The Only Way To See Barack & Michelle Obama's First Dance


There's so much romantic goodwill out there tonight, for the Obamas, that people are using home video cameras to videotape the teevee showing the new First Couple's First Dance. It is touching, this outpouring of inept support!

These strange off-kilter videos of video also seem like they're from another time, the early 1960s or something, when "Color TV" was not yet very successful at portraying the actual colors of our light spectrum, here on Earth. And that Beyonce has a nice voice, if she's actually singing this, live. (It's probably just a wax demon with a MacBook plugged up its yazoo with the USB or whatever, but still, we thought Beyonce was ... uh, a rapper? We don't actually know. We thought she was a type of shampoo.)

This one maybe was taped with a BetaMax. America is back!


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