The Oscars: Politics for Beautiful People

brokeback mountain.jpgAmidst all the buzz yesterday over the State of the Union address and the Alito confirmation, it was easy to forget: the Oscar nominations were announced! And while normally we might leave such a frivolous topic to our less high-minded siblings, this year we actually have a good excuse for mentioning such silliness.

As aptly put by the Post, "for the Oscars this year, politics comes with the popcorn." The Times sounds the same theme: "Oscar nominations were divvied up on Tuesday among mainly small films with deep political and social themes, from gay romance to the abuse of government power to racial relations to the cycle of vengeance in the Middle East."

Politics is frequently derided as "show business for ugly people"; but one can't help noticing how obsessed the beautiful people can get about it. Washington may envy Los Angeles's glamour; but L.A. craves D.C.'s respectability.

So this year there's no need to feel guilty about slinking off to watch that scandalous "gay cowboy" movie. You're merely doing research, looking ahead to the midterm elections, into public attitudes towards gay marriage.

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