The Pentagon Casts a Queer Eye

flamers.jpgOur transit-bereft sister reported this morning that the Pentagon, ostensibly meaning to protect the nation from terrorists, sent out a team of "homo-hating sleuths" to spy on gay-advocacy groups such as OUTLaw at the NYU Law School, even going so far as to label a "kiss-in" at the University of California at Santa Cruz (home of the Fighting Banana Slugs!) as a "credible threat of terrorism." Wow. Maybe the Patriot Act contains vital tools on fighting the war on terror, but it could stand to have an amendment added legally obligating its enforcers to use their fucking brain, before we dispatch American troops to search for Osama bin Laden in the caves of Brokeback Mountain.

Here at Wonkette, this news sort of hits us where we live. Let it be stated again: we hold these truths to self-evident: 1) that assfucking is not just a Constitutional right, but a national obligation, and 2) what we know of the Talibanesque worldview of global islamofascists teaches us that tide of the war on terror is just a Scissor Sisters concert and a few strategically airdropped boxes of amyl nitrate away from being turned.

If You See Something, Gay Something [Gawker]


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