The PETA Protest: Sorry, No Nudie Pics

naked%20people%20nude%20people%20nudity%20pics%20pictures%20photos.JPGAlas, despite our desperate plea for photographic evidence, none of you sent in pictures from PETA's "Running of the Nudes." The event, to protest bullfighting, took place in front of the Spanish Embassy earlier this afternoon.

KUTV of Salt Lake City has some video footage. But it's a bit rough, and you can't see anyone's naughty bits. The participants don't look very hot, unlike past PETA protestors, and their Spanish-language chants are inscrutable. Even the cops look bored.

As for eyewitness accounts, we received one -- yes, one -- lonely email, from a tipster who wandered past the event. Check it out, after the jump.

Here's our source's report:

Sorry no photographic evidence, but I just happened past the protest.

The running: Not any that I saw, though it must have been 1:10 at least when I was there and they were pretty well set up. Maybe they ran there...

The nudes: Tastefully done, topless but mostly holding placards that had "No bullfighting" logos, plus they were also all wearing little bull horn headbands.

There were maybe 10-20 protesters, on the Pennsylvania ave side, some moved around the corner to be at the main entrance on 24th st. Mostly they were waiving at the traffic and chanting.

There was a guy with a megaphone, leading the chanting in Spanish. Having only taken about 6 weeks of Spanish and therefore not yet to the "protest and bullfighting section" I couldn't really understand what they were saying.

There were a bunch of cops, looked like uniformed secret service and DC Metro. There were a couple of news cameras there, the only news van I saw was from Univison.

Not much else to report. I was just walking back to work from lunch so I didn't realize you all were looking for a report. Even if, I wasn't about to stand on the corner and watch, as I said there were some news cameras there and I didn't feel like showing up on the 6 o'clock news as the "pervert who ogled the PETA protest."

That's my not-so-comprehensive report.

Raw Video: Protesters Rally Against Bull Abuse [KUTV]

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