The PETA Protests: Now With Pictures

A little bitching can go a long way. After we complained about the dearth of photos from this afternoon's PETA event, one of you kindly sent a few in our direction. Here's one (click to enlarge):


We take back what we said earlier about the protestors not being that cute!

After the jump, two more photos -- including one with an exposed nipple...

Here are the other two pics. Click on each image to make it REALLY BIG.

PETA%20running%20of%20the%20nudes%20small%203.JPGWho'd like to grab this young bull by the horn?

PETA%20running%20of%20the%20nudes%20SMALL%201.JPGMy goodness, that's one impressive areola.

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Please Send Us Pics of Naked PETA Protestors


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