The Pig Death Comes To China

  • The North Koreans are so angry at Sonia Sotomayor stealing their spotlight this week that they fired off another missile as a cry for attention. [CNN]
  • George W. Bush gave a little speech to a little club at a little college in Michigan, and eight whole protesters showed up. [AP]
  • Perennially house-arrested and persecuted Burmese pro-democracy dissident Aung San Suu Kyi is on trial for "harboring an American," a nutball who snuck into her house because he thought God wanted him to tell her she was going to be assassinated someday, as if that were something that would only occur to God. [Guardian]
  • That Chicago alderman who just got arrested wore a wire for the Feds for a whole year and look what it got him, nothing. Or at least, it didn't stop him from getting arrested for bribery and fraud. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Even though they've been busily deporting Mexicans, the Chinese have nonetheless suffered their first attack of swine flu. [AFP]
  • Climate change doesn't kill people; people causing climate change kill people, via the weather. [Reuters]

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