The Politico Discovers Some Major News Thing Called The 'Czar Revolt'


Now. What doesthis headline even mean? Politico invented a list of 31 "czars" in the Obama administration, and then decided that this is a huge problem for the White House, having these 31 czars. There was such a revolt against czars that Van Jones had to be fired, for being one of the czars! This is the current hottest story in politics, maybe ever, did you know?

You must read Dave Weigel's takedown of this. DAVE WE LOVE YOU. The Politico, in coming up with its list of 31 czars, simply found anyone with a government job and labeled that person a czar.

For example: "'California Water Czar' – Actually the Deputy Secretary of the Interior, who was given this extra portfolio by Secretary Ken Salazar in June."


  • Salad-Bar Czar -- Ken Sala-czar
  • Liberals Czar -- Michael Moore
  • Czar of Being Majority Whip -- Dick Durbin
  • Clown Czar -- Al Franken
  • Czar of Sex With Ladies -- Jon Favreau
  • Cafeteria Czar -- Lady who works in cafeteria somewhere
  • Actual Czar of Russia -- Hitler

When will Obama disclose all of his Czars to Politico?

[Washington Independent]


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