The Pony In Corporate Consolidation

adele.jpgYes, ol' Adele Fergusen's brilliant, life-changing column has been Nick Sylvesterized from the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal's website, but it is still available -- the pony hidden in the internet is that all the crazy shit you put there can last forever and ever! Some kindly blogger has posted the whole thing, in case you missed it yesterday.

And Felix Salmon found a letter from the Editor and Publisher of the KPBJ in which he comes off like a regular Bob McChesney, blaming corporate consolidation of ownership while also decrying the liberal biases of reporters (pulling off a flawless Radical Centrist double-Kurtz axel!):

The corporate owners of the American media are doing nothing more than catering to their customers and delivering the product they want to buy.

You hear that, America? The market demanded that he print Adele's crazed, feverish ruminations!

We wish only that we'd salvaged Adele's author photo before the market demanded that Mr. Coppola delete the story from the website and pretend it never happened.

Update: Found it!

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