The Popish Plot Behind Illegal Immigration

Looks like Adele Fergusen has some competition for "craziest columnist at a non-major newspaper." From Fort Wayne, Indiana -- the same metropolitan area that spawned the insane Tony Zirkle -- we get this insightful commentary:


No, this is not an Onion article -- although with an author photo like that, your confusion is understandable. This was published in an actual newspaper (page A4 of the hard copy edition). So, unlike our ephemeral musings, TREES DIED FOR THIS.

After the jump, some additional excerpts from Richard Sloan's piece, plus commentary.

After his provocative lede, Sloan writes:

The Vatican saw major gains in the era of President Ronald Reagan when the Heritage Foundation, headed by a devout Catholic, filled well over half of Reagan's administrative positions with Heritage conservatives, such as William Bennett, a devout Catholic. After government service, Bennett and Jack Kemp set up Empower America, with the aid of Heritage.

Wow, those Catholics are pretty good at filling the corridors of power with their ilk. Sound like even the Jews could learn a thing or two from them.

Like any good opinion writer, Sloan ties his argument to current events, such as the furor over immigration and the recent SCOTUS appointments:

Immigration issues run deeper than most are aware of. Most Hispanics are unaware of how the Vatican uses them as pawns. The Vatican is slowly destroying the U.S. with excessive immigration to advance the Vatican's own power in the U.S. and the world. Rather than moving to the U.S., most of these immigrants should be in their home countries reforming those countries. They should be rejecting the Vatican's self-serving doctrine of large families and bringing their own population levels under control. Instead, they overpopulate, then seek to dump their excess populations on the U.S., which benefits the Vatican. It is not mere coincidence that many of our immigration laws have gone unenforced, that several Supreme Court justices are now Catholic, or that so many of the immigrants and demonstrators are Catholic.

There's much, much more in the full article; go read it for yourself. We just can't bring ourselves to quote more from it.

Now, don't get us wrong; we enjoy reading a paranoid rant every now and then. But Sloan's rant is behind the times.

C'mon, Richard, get with the program. Anti-Catholic sentiment is so 19th century! Why don't you write instead about how the gays are trying to hijack our national culture?

Why the Vatican Still Has a Stake in Illegal Immigration [Fort Wayne News-Sentinel]

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