The Post's Slogan Contest: Don't Quit Your Day Job

What if you had a slogan-writing contest and nobody came?

Well, at least you'd be spared the lame-o campaign catchphrases submitted for Al Kamen's In the Loop Slogan Contest. Actual "winners" cited in the column:

"A leader, not a mis-leader"

"Swift boat #44 to president #44"

"W. stands for you and you"

"Kerry: I'll Get Our Friends Back; The UN Approves of This Ad"

"It's Skull and Bones, not Numbskull and Bones" (Doesn't this apply to both candidates?)

And, perhaps our favorite: "Standing behind a Bush -- Not using the John" (!?!!)

Christ. How bad would a slogan have to be to not make this cut? "W is like two upside-down dunce caps that George has to wear because he's a stupidhead." Or: "John Kerry would make a bad president." I got it: "Dick Cheney looks like a penis." Maybe if you named the wrong candidates or something.

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