The Price of Miller's Freedom

We're still reeling from Judy Miller's Houdini routine, simultaneously the least surprising and most galling prison break since Ford pardoned Nixon. Her source -- Scooter Libby -- signed a waiver allowing her to testify in Plame investigation a year ago, and the proof that Miller sought that waiver was "real" came with Libby saying, uhm, yes, it's real.

Ms. Miller told Mr. Libby simply that "I wanted you to tell me personally" that his waiver was voluntary. "Why didn't somebody call us?" [Libby's lawyer] asked.

Mr. Libby also expressed surprise that Ms. Miller had been holding out for his sake. Mr. Libby and his lawyer had assumed that Ms. Miller had been protecting other sources.

Fellow source-hoarder Matt Cooper's thrilling tale of a last-minute reprieve had seemed cinematic at the time. Good stuff, we thought, but what's a book about being a journalist martyr without sleeping on cement and not being able to watch CNN? When Miller stayed clammed up while Cooper sang, people wondered what she knew and now it's clear: She knows the dollar value of minor humiliation and anecdotes about prison laundry.

Times Reporter, Released From Jail, Agrees to Testify [WSJ]


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