The Prince of Stop Bugging Me

* Reliable Source: GOP lobbyist Jeff Kimbell celebrates his fleeting bachelor status with R. Kelly at one of his five bachelor parties... Michael Richard Citronelle closed its doors last night due to lack of liquor... With his exhaustion cured, Dave Chappelle is wandering the streets of DC. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Robert Novak is annoyed that people keep bringing up that whole Valerie Plame thing... White House photographer Eric Daper lets us in on the secret to presidential persuasion: direct eye contact... Rep. Steve Cohen thinks that, when it comes to Iraq, Martha Stewart's etiquette advice rings true... Kristin Gore is in DC promoting her new book "Sammy's Hill"... Bill Clinton a blogger? [Examiner]

* Shenanigans: Richard Nixon more awkward than previously imagined, while Karl Rove may be a little funnier. [Politico]

* Rush & Molloy: Somewhat reliable source claims Yasser Arafat died of AIDS. [NYDN]


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