The Profanity Primary, Continued

The Washington Times puts a sober face on candidate cussing earnestly asks: Can we "[c]all it the potty-mouth primary?" There are actual experts on the subject, including the author of "The Little Book of Campaign Etiquette" (Always take kickbacks from the right, pass legislation on the left.) and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who has compiled a "vulgarity index." The article also picks out Dean's attempt to enter the race to the fucking bottom:

I have been picking a fair amount of buckshot out of my rear end in some of these debates.

Jamieson points out that this is pretty shitty excuse for cursing: "He's already using a euphemism for a euphemism."

Hell, yeah.

Candidates' curses stir debate [WashTimes]

Gore backs Dean [The Journal News]


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