The Proper Conservative Patriot's Take On The Olympic Opening Ceremonies


Poor Jennifer Rubin, the unofficial public voice of the Romney campaign who continues to have a job at theWashington Post. Why doesn't your Wonkette make fun of her more often? Maybe it's too easy, but it's not like that consideration has ever stopped us. Jen Rubin is sad today. Just a few days ago she was crowing, "The Obama campaign can’t bear the thought that the well-traveled Mitt Romney will make a nice impression on his overseas tour" -- that the foreigns would instantly fall in love with Romney, a born diplomat. Unfortunately, within his first day or two of his arrival in our Special Friend country of England, Romney managed to insult the nation badly enough to earn a public rebuke from the conservative Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, and every newspaper and television station in the United Kingdom. What's a Rubin to say now? How about... the Olympics opening ceremony is dumb, anyway, sorta like David Cameron is dumb.

We'd been wondering when conservatives would begin to bitch about the Olympics opening ceremony, what with its atmosphere of inclusiveness and camaraderie among competitors from across the globe, who tonight shall all stand together to watch a militia of Mary Poppinses fend of Voldemort in the Shire. Sort of like how conservatives will all call the World Cup collectivist (and gay) whenever it rears its quadrennial Trotskyist head. Where is the American exceptionalism at the London 2012 games, anyway? Take it away, Rubin:

The canard that if we just shot put together we’ll have a more peaceful world grows more cloying, if not galling, every four years. It perpetuates the patently false notions that there is a “global community” and that our problems are the result of misunderstanding or “fear of the ‘other.’” Sorry, but a Pepsi commercial featuring teams from the Syrian, Iranian, North Korean and Cuban regimes as representatives of simply three more frolicking countries in good standing with the “family of nations” is false advertising...

However, especially in turbulent and chaotic times, when nations are choosing whether to pursue freedom or religious zealotry, civil war or reconciliation and respect for human rights or inhumanity, I wish we’d stop perpetrating the idea that all you have to do to be part of the “international community” is to show up. No, to be part of the “global community” and to encourage “common humanity and universal ideals” countries must foster liberty, abhor violence, practice tolerance and defend human rights. We shouldn’t blur the distinction between those who uphold those values and those who threaten them.

Umm... okay... here we have a classic case of someone not even bothering to separate the views of a government from those of its people. But what we really enjoy in this Rubin column is the dig she takes against David Cameron, whom she hates now mostly because he made fun of Mitt Romney in public yesterday:

(By the way, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s apology for the flag mix-up to the Great Leader’s gulag should give the American press a clue about this guy’s view of the world.)

Romney should be proud of having that guy insult him yesterday! Have we seen that spin yet? Andrew Sullivan has the most accurate take so far on what Republican hacks are hoping for in the coming days: "Next up: the entire right-wing noise machine will now be praying for Olympic failure almost as fervently as they are praying for a new recession."

[Washington Post, photo via Deadspin]


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