The Pyongyang Pork Airlift

  • The pilot who safely landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River is amazing and awesome in a dozen different ways. Bold prediction: he gets one of those balcony seats next to Michelle for Barack Obama's first State of the Union address. [New York Daily News]
  • Congress agreed to release the second half of the original bailout funds, so that Barack Obama won't look like an ineffectual loser. [New York Times]
  • Eric Holder's confirmation hearing testimony suggests the next administration will have a different approach to the media, in that they will not withhold information from the public just to be dicks. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • South Korea is sending a bunch of adorable pigs to North Korea, so that they can be eaten there. [AFP]
  • Rural voters feel all left out and baffled about whether they still belong to America, now that a half-Muslin city slicker is running the show. (Answer: Yes, alas.) [Washington Post]
  • Israel killed some Hamas muckety-muck, and it also bombed the UN headquarters in the north of Gaza City, WHOOPS. [Wall Street Journal]

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