David Mamet, playwright, screenwriter, director, author, blogger... and, apparently, editorial cartoonist.


This cartoon is currently up on the HuffPo front page. Seriously. It's only very slightly more legible there.

Our initial reaction was to say, "stick to controlling William H. Macy like a foul-mouthed marionette, Dave, and work on your penmanship." But we had a change of heart -- that's not the way the blogosphere works! The great thing about Citizen Media is that anyone can do anything, regardless of ability, and, as long as they're already a successful Hollywood insider, it can reach a mass audience! Why leave "political cartooning" to those Big Media Fatcats? Hell, we could do it if we wanted to! In fact, we did:


It needs some crosshatching, and a couple of those little Thomas Nast labels that tell you what stuff represents, but New Media is all about First Drafts and Unfiltered Opinions. Whaddya think of that, Tom Toles? You're not such a hotshot now, are ya?

Masters of Multitasking [HuffPo]


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