The Real Economy Is Booming In Fake Congressional Districts


What is the most wasteful kind of big government stimulus spending of all? It is all the money that Obama allocated for places that don't actually exist, like Arizona's 15th district. (Seriously: "Arizona"!!) In fact, listed a bunch of statistics about jobs that were created and saved in places that aren't even real. "We report what the recipients submit to us," said Ed Pound, Communications Director for the [Recovery] Board. Ha... oh, dear! Might be one less "job saved" in this Ed Pound's congressional district, assuming either of those exist.

See, people just mail in these things, you know! It's called "human error"—ever heard of it? It means "declining, out of sheer laziness, to Google a single fact before posting them on this government website":

Pound told ABC News the board receives declarations from the recipients - state governments, federal agencies and universities - of stimulus money about what program is being funded.

"Some recipients clearly don't know what congressional district they live in, so they appear to be just throwing in any number. We expected all along that recipients would make mistakes on their congressional districts, on jobs numbers, on award amounts, and so on. Human beings make mistakes," Pound said.

Some of these federal agencies have never even heard of their own congressional districts, that's how closely they work together.

[ABC News]


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