The Reliability of Media Sources: A Wonkette Guide

We've gotten some requests to clarify how, exactly, we rank the reliability of various media sources. Here goes:

  1. Goat entrails: Called the Kennedy-Nixon race.

  2. Nostradamus: Hitler. Need we say more?

  3. Drudge Report: On top of all major weather phenomena.

  4. Media Whores Online: If they say it's Tuesday, it's Tuesday.

  5. Washington Times: Look here for the phases of the moon.

  6. Andrew Sullivan: Those Sontag Awards? Actually presented by Susan Sontag in an invitation-only ceremony each week.

  7. The Nation: How have they survived 100+ years? Lottery winnings.

  8. Ouija boards: John Zogby swears by them.

  9. Gawker: There's a reason only ugly people read it.

  10. The New York Times Magazine: Sex slaves on Main Street? Everyone knows they're on Elm!

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