The Reliable Source(s) "Double" Dish!

Get It Benator Like Senator But With BenWe'd like to welcome Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger to the Washington gossip world on this, the debut of their joint-bylined ("twice the gossip-power"!) "Reliable Source." They jumped out of the gate awfully fast after being hired barely a month ago, leading with a piece on the quasi-possible-maybe-potential Senate candidacy of Ben Affleck, exclaiming "If you liked him as Bennifer . . . you'll love him as Benator!" (Perhaps, though we suspect Ben Nelson will be pissed.) The debut is made all the more impressive by the inclusion of an on-the-record quote from the reclusive Larry Sabato. As Jackie Harvey might say: Item!

Picture This: Ben Affleck, Senator From Va. [WP]


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