The Republican Gloat Bloat Machine Can't Stop Belching


  • America's new national anthem serves as a delightful accompaniment to some hawt elephant p0rno.  [YouTube]
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy would like to remind the filthy American colonists that this tea-shed election is really a victory for the Magna Carta. [Telegraph]
  • The Democratic Party is the aborted dumpster-fetus of America, which is OK because they were whiny and deserved to get flushed. [CanadaFreePress]
  • Rick Perry IS NOT running for President, according to Rick Perry. So start decorating your Hoveround with Perry/Bachmann stickers, like yesterday. [Fox]
  • Not even the evil trillionaire George Soros could stop the tea-brown tidal wave that splashed all over America's face last night. [AmericanVision]

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