The Republicans Are Going Full Freedom Fries Again

The Republicans Are Going Full Freedom Fries Again

Of the many, many stupid things that people thought (or claimed to think, as I'm pretty sure was the case) in 2016, perhaps the stupidest thing of all was that Donald Trump was the candidate of peace. That he would be less likely to get us into another war than Hillary Clinton. It was — and I say this as someone who spent a lot of time protesting in front of Clinton's senate office begging her to vote against the Iraq War and was very disappointed in her vote to authorize it — complete and utter horseshit. Of course Donald Trump was going to get us into war. He has a bad temper, he loves to be adored, hates to be "disrespected," he has Daddy issues and he loves money. He also expressed a fondness for war crimes, which is not generally a thing people who oppose war do on the regular.

There was also very little to suggest that right-wing criticism of Clinton as a "hawk" was anything but disingenuous. We all know who ate the freedom fries the first time around. Of course most of them would be fine with Trump starting a war, even —perhaps especially — if he was going to commit a bunch of war crimes while doing so. America! Flag pins! 9/11!

Thus, it should surprise absolutely no one that The Deplorable Choir — some ladies who sing songs about how much they love Donald Trump — have a new song out all about how excited they are for Trump to just start bombing the shit out of all who "mess" with America.


Song to anyone who messes with America!

You know, the last time we delved into the work of The Deplorable Choir, I noted that at least the main girl could sing and that I would probably listen to her if she were actually singing songs that were actually good. I take this back. I mean, she can sing, but I think it only sounded like she was actually good in comparison to all of the other horrible Trump songs I included in that post.

Hilariously, a "Deplorapalooza participant" was mad about how terrible the video was and asked them to take it down, which they did.

Deplorapalooza, you say? Yes, Deplorapalooza. A convention being held in March featuring the D-Listiest Deplorables around. Like, even I only know who a little over half of these people are and I cover this stuff for an actual living.

And one of the people I know is Juanita Broaddrick, whose name they spelled wrong.

I would tell you more about it, but that is literally all of the information provided on their website. Tickets are $49.99 — but $250 for a VIP pass. What that actually entails, I am not sure I want to know.

Anyway, this is now your open thread! Enjoy and talk amongst yourselves!


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