The Return of Fitzmas?

Fitzmas2.jpgWhen we heard the bold pronouncement, that our iron-jawed angel Patrick Fitzgerald was "expected to ask a grand jury-possibly as soon as next week--the to indict [Karl] Rove for making false statements to the FBI and Justice Department investigators in October 2003," we thought to ourselves, "Yes! There is a Santa Claus!" Because all we want for Christmas is another long and tortured sports metaphor. Brew up some cocoa! Break out that book of Fitzmas carols! Throw some lights on the aspens! Hey, where did you hear the news?



At the risk of having Alex Cockburn hanging outside my apartment window blasting "In Your Eyes" on his outstretched jambox, maybe let's just curb our enthusiasm.

Did Karl Rove Hide or Destroy Evidence in Plame Case? [Counterpunch]


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