The Return of the Attack of the Ghosts of the Beautiful Hill People

Talk About Taming Wild TressesThe "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill" of 2005 is finally out and we're not sure where to begin. We do notice that none of last year's most beautiful made it to this year's list. It's a tough town, one year you're young and gorgeous, the next you're. . Denny Hastert. And yet the names are still completely made-up: "Eric Van Schyndle"? "Cory Crowley"? "Bradford Swann"? "Keegan Drake"? These aren't names, these are the pseudonyms from a particularly wonky version of Penthouse Forum. ("Keegan handed her the mark-up; Bradford thumbed gently through the membership directory....")

We're going to have to think about the one, but meanwhile, please let us know if "Bettina Inclan" survived the attack by her hair.

The 50 Most Beautiful [The Hill]

The 50 Most Beautiful (page 3) [The Hill]


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